Will robotics make care more easy or will it change social practices and norms in a way not foreseen? Can we escape recurrent deadlocks between technophiles and sceptics (e.g. about GMOs or wind and nuclear energy)? Is autonomy of energy users better served by treating them as citizens or as consumers in the making of smart grids?

As a philosopher and engineer I am dedicated to reflecting on these kind of innovation issues. I am fascinated by tense relations between science and society. In my lectures, research and writings I articulate new normative questions regarding innovation and discuss these with a wide audience. Engaged in vision-making on diverse innovation topics, I link many disciplines and involve other parties and views as much as possible.

The public dialogue about new science&technologies shows a reiterative pattern. What is behind recurrent hopes and fears about new technologies? How does science change our worlds, daily practices, power balances, self-images, moral convictions and imagination? How can we domesticate technology in a just and socially robust way? In Taming monsters; the cultural domestication of new technology and other texts I have dealt with these questions.