How does technology change our daily practices, power balances, self-images, moral convictions and imagination? How can we domesticate technology in a just and socially robust way? Why and how should we include diverse groups and expertises in the innovation process? What is the effect of time-saving and efficiency ? How can we escape recurrent deadlocks between technophiles and sceptics (e.g. about GMOs or wind energy)? Is the autonomy of energy users better served by treating them as citizens or as consumers in the making of smart grids? How does social robotics influence concepts of care?

These are questions I address in my lectures and publications.

My mission

improve the quality of dialogues between scientists, engineers, humanities scholars, users and citizens. As such I contribute to the quality of future visions on science & society in order to improve joint reflection on goals, methods and risks.

Themes in my research & lecturing:

autonomous & social robots/ smart grids/ future studies/ reflections on risk and safety/ research ethics/ sustainability/ ethics and care/ time- saving/ emancipation/ waste recycling/ cyborgs/ renewable energy/ genomics/ nanotechnology/ global human health/ human enhancement/ technology assessment/ future of love